TechShield Blue

TechShield Blue

TechShield Blue is an anti-reflective coating that helps combat digital eye strain. This category D coating offers all the benefits of a premium lens enhancement, including excellent durability, cleanability, visual performance, and cosmetic appearance.

TechShield Blue Benefits

  • Filters Excessive Blue Light
  • 2x Better Cleanability1
  • 2x Better Scratch Resistance2
  • Excellent Visual Clarity
  • ​Exceptional Smudge Resistance
  • Attractive Cosmetic Appearance
  • UV Protection (Optional UVR)
  • 2-year Warranty3
TechShield Blue Benefits

An AR Coating that Helps Combat Digital Eye Strain

When considering blue light reduction, it's essential to examine where a product offers the greatest benefit.

TechShield Blue targets blue light wavelengths associated with digital eye strain (400-430nm), reducing exposure by as much as 85% at its peak.

A Clear Difference

Appearance matters. That's why TechShield Blue was designed to enhance visual performance, as well as personal appearance. 

​TechShield Blue has an attractive, near-clear appearance when not in the presence of blue light, and eliminates harsh reflections from the lens surface.​

A Clear Difference
Reduction Without Limitations

Reduction Without Limitations

Digital eye strain doesn't discriminate. Neither does TechShield Blue. This next-generation enhancement can be applied to any prescription or non-prescription lens, and is available on all materials and designs.4

Take a deeper dive into the blue.

Discover what's behind this high-energy light that's causing such a stir.

Frequently Asked Questions

​Following are answers to frequently asked questions about TechShield Blue:

1, 2. Compared to previous versions of TechShield AR Coatings in laboratory testing.
3. TechShield Anti-Reflective Coatings are backed by a two-year warranty against scratching, peeling, and crazing under normal use. Lenses that are abused, extremely scratched, chipped, broken or damaged are not covered under this warranty.
4. Available on all materials and designs unless otherwise specified by manufacturer.
In laboratory testing, TechShield AR Coatings exhibited:
5. 7.4% better Bayer Abrasion Ratio,
6. 28% better Gram Force Tape Pull score, and
7. 4.5% higher contact angle than previous versions.