What is Blue Light?

Blue Light is Changing The Way We View Our World.

Blue light illuminates our homes, offices, streets, and the devices we count on every day. But what's behind this light that's causing such a commotion? 

What is blue light?

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is a range of light that contains the highest amount of energy in the visible light spectrum. Light wavelengths are measured in nanometers (nm). Blue light resides in the range from 400-500nm.

Where Does Blue Light Come From?

Historically, we got our daily diet of blue light from the sun. But times have changed and so has the way we light our world. These days blue light is beaming at us from all directions.

- Smartphones
- Tablets
- TVs

- Computers
- LED & CFL Lighting
​- The Sun

Where Does Blue Light Come From?
What are The Effects of Blue Light Exposure?

What are The Effects of Blue Light Exposure?

​​Scientific research has linked the effects of excessive blue light exposure to the onset of digital eye strain in as little as two hours of exposure. And according to The Vision Council, more than half of all Americans experience symptoms.  

- Dry Eyes
- Blurred Vision
- Tired Eyes

- Sore Eyes
- Headaches
- Watery Eyes

Why Does Blue Light Cause Eye Strain?

When blue light enters the eye, it scatters before reaching the retina. Our eyes work overtime trying to focus this scattered light, which they cannot do. ​​Depending on brightness, this out-of-focus blue light can appear as glare. The more blue light in the environment, the greater the glare.

Why Does Blue Light Cause Eye Strain?

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E-BOOK: "Through A Child's Eyes"

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WHITE PAPER: "The Evolving Science of Blue Light"

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